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With the third pick in the 2009 NFL draft the Kansas City Chiefs select...

Representing the Kansas City Chiefs in the 2009 BGN community mock draft D3Keith selects...


Aaron Curry, LB Wake Forest

So I'd be willing to bet an authentic Randall throwback that at some point after the dust settled, Scott Pioli sat in his new office in Kansas City, looked at the depth chart -- really looked at it -- and screamed an expletive at the top of his lungs. Perhaps he punched something hard and inanimate.

The Chiefs' roster could make a sane man act a fool.

Then again, assembling nearly-perfect rosters in New England obviously got boring, and Pioli and knew what he was getting into in Kansas City. In assessing the roster to assemble a draft board, the first thing that stands out is that the Chiefs are loaded precisely nowhere. In other words, there's no position you can really cross off the board completely. Except maybe quarterback, where they gave up their second-rounder for Cassel. They could probably improve upon Thigpen/Croyle behind him, but not at No. 3 overall.

Offensively, the cupboard isn't completely bare. The Chiefs do have a playmaker at each position; QB Cassel, RB Larry Johnson -- we'll assume Job No. 1 for new coach Todd Haley is convincing Johnson to stop pouting and drop his trade request as he builds an offense around him. TE Tony Gonzalez is a potential Hall of Famer who seems out of place on a young and rebuilding roster, but until the Eagles dangle a pick high enough to replace the one K.C. gave to New England, he'll catch a lot of Cassel's short offerings. And even with Thigpen and Croyle throwing to him, WR Dwayne Bowe looked like a weapon.

Eagles fans know all too well that Haley can craft him a game plan, given toys to play with. The Chiefs might begin to look like a poor man's Cardinals if Haley got Crabtree to go alongside Bowe, but the foot injury and the fact there are greater needs force them to look elsewhere. Specifically, across the ball.

The Chiefs have drafted DT Glenn Dorsey and DE Tamba Hali in recent years, but by trading DE Jared Allen to get an extra first-rounder last year, Hali became less effective. BJ Raji, the top DT on the board, bears looking at, but Pioli is in a difficult fix here. He built a 3-4 powerhouse in New England, but he's inherited a roster of 4-3 linemen and linebackers.

You might not recognize a single Chiefs DB after Patrick Surtain was cut, but the guy that busted up Tom Brady's knee and his cohorts are actually a pretty solid bunch.

So we've got an offensive coach, with some offensive weapons. Does KC load up on O and try to fill seats? Remember this is Pioli running things here -- he'll draft the New England way. That means Johnson and Gonzalez could be shopped for draft picks -- Jamaal Charles could be a complement or hold the fort at RB, and offseason addition Bobby Engram will start at WR for a year -- while linemen will be highly valued.

The Chiefs used to be known for their stellar O-line, but aside from RG Brian Waters and '08 first-round RT Branden Albert, it's now a need area. Ts Eugene Monroe and Jason Smith were in our top three, but thanks to the WhodieLions and the PampaniRams, it's still a need area.

That brings us to our third player on the board. Sure, you just read nine paragraphs for a no-brainer pick, but at least it's well-reasoned. Pioli shops this pick, but in the end, on a defense lacking them, K.C. needs an impact player. Though we can't think of the last time Wake Forest produced a guy with Pro Bowl potential, Aaron Curry fits the bill. He can go sideline to sideline and anchor the defense, no matter if K.C. sticks with a 4-3 or moves to a 3-4 under Pendergast.

The only drawback is that 2005 first-rounder Derrick Johnson and offseason pickup Mike Vrabel are listed as OLBs, as is Curry. So someone will have to move inside, at least for the time being, but at least the Chiefs are finally loaded at a position.

My take is after the jump. Yophillybro and the Seattle Seahawks are on the clock.

Commish take - With their QB issues solved with the trade for Mat Cassel, that frees up KC to do something other than QB with this pick. I agree that with the top 2 OTs off the board, KC can go BPA here and fill a need all at once. Pioli and Belicheck relied heavily on linebackers in New England and I think Pioli will try to do the same in KC. Good pick.