Help Me Help You.

Hello, Philly fans!  I'm a member of Mile High Report (SB Nation's resident Denver Broncos blog) and I have the honor of representing your beloved Eagles in our internal interactive mock draft.  Though I have a superficial sense of your team's remaining offseason needs and wants, I'd appreciate any additional insight you could provide to inform my decision as to your potential draft picks.  Here are some questions to get you guys started, but feel free to add anything else you think might be relevant.

  • What positions on the roster are most in need of starter-caliber help?
  • Would you be interested in trading up to address any of those voids or for any prospect in particular?
  • If you were to draft an RB, would it be someone in the Westbrook mold or someone with a more complementary style?
  • Is there a chance that you finally use a premium pick on a big WR?

That's really all I've come up with so far, but I'm sure you guys have thought of plenty of things that I haven't yet.  I thank you for your help in advance.