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Justin Tuck does his best Jimmy Rollins impression


Like our own Jimmy Rollins of WFC Philadelphia Philles, NY Giants' DE Justin Tuck felt the need to declare his team as the ones to beat this coming year.

"The players here and the coaching staff," Tuck said of his rationale. "The experience, we have been there and done it. We know what it takes to get there. No one can deny that the team we had last year was headed that way until we got some injuries here and there, along with distractions. All of that happens for a reason. On paper I think the team to beat is definitely us."

I'm fine with this. The Giants were the team to beat last year... and we did... In their house... Twice...

Now lets hope Tuck doesn't take his Rollins impersonation to the extreme and actually backup his trash talk with a title...

On a funny side note, Eli Manning is no Tuck or Rollins...

"I assume Pittsburgh is probably the team to beat," he said. "In the NFC, there are a lot of good teams. We just have to do our job. It doesn’t really matter if you’re the team to beat or not."

Aww shucks.