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BGN Community Mock Draft order

We've got all 32 spots filled for our community mock draft and so we begin! Bgnimage_medium

We're going to try to keep this going as briskly as possible, so when your turn to pick is coming up, keep paying attention to the site. When I announce the previous pick you are on the clock. You'll have 24 hours to make a pick or I'll step in and make it for you, but you can make a pick as quickly as you like.

At the moment the plan is to go one round, but if it goes quick and smoothly enough we might go for a second round. So if you didn't get a spot in the first round, keep signing up in the original thread for a team in the second round.

In the interest of keeping things uniform, I need you to email me your pick to BleedingGreenBlog at and put "Mock Draft #whatever your pick is" in the subject line.

Thanks for being a part of this and I think we're going to have some fun! With the first pick in the 2009 BGN community mock draft... Whodie126 with the Detroit Lions is on the clock!

The full order is after the jump.

1    Detriot Lions - Whodie126
2    St. Louis Rams – Nick Pampani
3    Kansas City Chiefs - D3keith
4    Seattle Seahawks - yophillybro
5    Cleveland Browns – captain nodar
6    Cincinnati Bengals - Luxury_Used_Vehicles_By_Braman
7    Oakland Raiders - 21510akland
8    Jacksonville Jaguars – Filth2Fury
9    Green Bay Packers - LeonSA
10    San Francisco 49ers - Ajay
11    Buffalo Bills - bubqr
12    Denver Broncos - Andyb
13    Washington Redskins – Clyde Simmons
14    New Orleans Saints - Waterfield
15    Houston Texans - LEKsensei
16    San Diego Chargers - USMCSLB
17    New York Jets - Badd
18    Chicago Bears – TwoTonsOfIrony
19    Tampa Bay Buccaneers - afk_football
20    Detroit Lions (from Dallas) - hratner
21    Philadelphia Eagles - Foos5
22    Minnesota Vikings - goodfella46er
23    New England Patriots - andyreidswaistline
24    Atlanta Falcons – Super Charles
25    Miami Dolphins - Wildcath
26    Baltimore Ravens – Big Silly
27    Indianapolis Colts – Duff Honduras
28    Philadelphia Eagles (from Carolina) - anuj
29    New York Giants - royboy
30    Tennessee Titans - michaluk
31    Arizona Cardinals - hratner
32    Pittsburgh Steelers - ayydamn