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BGN Community Mock draft signups have begun

With the ridiculous surge in traffic over the past year and the super engaged community we've got here, I figured it would be the perfect time to start up the first BGN community mock draft.2007-mock-draft_medium

Here's how it works. Each team is assigned to one member of the BGN community who will make their pick. I'd like more than just a name however. If you sign up for a team, be prepared to explain why and maybe even help us with a little info on the players. There's tons of great scouting reports all over the net on pretty much all these guys(including tons at our own Mocking the Draft).

I'm going to assign the teams randomly, but if you ahppen to think you know more than most about a particular team other than the Eagles let me know and I'll take that into consideration.

So if you're interested please let me know in the comments. The more people signing up, the more rounds we'll go!

Oh and if there's any photoshop wizzes out there that can make a better logo for our mock draft than the pitiful one I've posted, that would be much appreciated!