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Leonard Weaver discusses possible Philly move

It's all Weaver all the time it seems huh? Last night Leonard Weaver called in to 950 ESPN to talk about a potential move to Philadelphia. Nothing too groundbreaking from the interview, but here's a little recap.

Said he's "definitely getting some good vibes" from the Eagles. He talked about what he could bring to the team and said some people are mistaken about his ability to lead block. He would love to come open holes for Westbrook. He's a big fan of Donovan McNabb and can adapt to any offense. Said he got snowballs thrown at him the last time he came to Philadelphia. Thinks Eagles fans are very knowledgable and are a big advantage when playing at home. Thinks playing for Andy Reid would just like playing for Mike Holmgren, but thinks Andy is easier going on the sideline.

He also revealed that he has not visited the Eagles but would like to.

And he's apparently a very good gospel singer...

Listen to the full interview right here.