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More Confirmation on Leonard Weaver interest

Bob Brookover got confirmation from the Eagles that they are interested in free agent FB Leonard Weaver, but the discussions are not yet serious...

An Eagles source confirmed yesterday that the team is interested in signing free-agent fullback Leonard Weaver.

The source added that negotiations with Weaver's agent, Harold Lewis, had not become serious. The agent said that was the case and that he was not in a rush to get Weaver signed because he knows his client is a sought-after player.

"Right now, we're just talking" with the Eagles, Lewis said. "We're talking with many other teams as well. There's a lot of interest because Leonard is the No. 1 fullback on the board."

Weaver is out looking for running back money. While he is primarily a fullback, his ability to run and catch the ball makes his agent think they can do a little better than a relatively small fullback's pay check.

We'll continue to keep an eye on this one.