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Eagles helping Coatseville arson victims

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Last month, Coatseville was hit with a rash of arsons that destroyed 15 homes and killed one elderly woman. It's one of those crimes that's senseless, outrageous, devastating... just any adjective you can think of.

These families lost their homes, their belongings, they lost everything. So the Eagles have pledged to match any donations made the Red Cross of Southeastern PA.

“The Philadelphia Eagles are dedicated to doing well both on and off the field,” said Philadelphia Eagles Senior Vice President of Public Affairs Pamela Browner Crawley. “We want to make a difference in the communities where we live and work. The tragedy of losing everything to a house fire is absolutely heartwrenching, it is extremely important for us to come together and find ways to be helpful. We believe that the most expedient way to assist these families in getting there lives ‘back on track’ is to work with the American Red Cross; we hope the business community and others will join us in our support.”

If you got some something to spare, it sounds like a very worthy clause. You can donate here.