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Reid speaks at Pro Bowl

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Jim Johnson is not with the Eagles coaching staff this week due to his cancer treatment, so Reid has some thoughts about Jim and his understudy Sean McDermott


"Jim's in a great frame of mind," Reid said. "He'll be ready when we get back there. Sean's going to do it here, so we're all set for now."

Reid expressed confidence in McDermott's ability to handle the job as long as necessary.

"Sean's been an understudy of Jim's for a number of years, and he works so hard," Reid said. "He's coached all the positions except defensive line."

Reid also seems to have a new offensive philosophy for the pro bowl thanks to Ardian Peterson

"We're going to run it 400 times," Reid said. "At the team meeting, I asked him how much he wanted to carry it. He said 'every time.' He's bright-eyed, vicious."