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Rumor: Houshmandzadeh to visit after all?

ESPN's Michael Smith is reporting that free agent WR T.J. Houshmandzadeh, who is in Minnesota tonight, will be visiting both Tampa Bay and the Eagles in the coming days.

Adam Schefter reported on NFL Network's Total Access that Housh plans to visit the Bucs Sunday.  ESPN's Michael Smith, in a report scrolling across ESPN's bottom line, says that Houshmandzadeh will visit the Bucs and Eagles. 

However, the ESPN report contradicts the NFL Network report which said that he will only visit the Bucs. This afternoon Dave Spadaro said the Eagles had no more visits scheduled.

Earlier reports said the Eagles ended any interest in Houshmandzadeh when they discovered his agent was lying about offering them a discount.

All that considered, I really doubt this one... So this gets the big old RUMOR tag slapped on it.