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Stacy Andrews officially signs with Eagles

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The Eagles have announced that Stacy Andrews has officially signed a 6 year deal with the Eagles and is now being introduced to the media. Shawn and Stacy Andrews will be the 3rd set of brothers to play on the same offensive line in the NFL since 1951.

Andy Reid - "Stacy is a multi position player." He also re-iterates that this is Stacy's day and he doesn't want questions about anything else.

Andy says they'll "get through the free agency process" before they decide where Stacy will play. Wouldn't exactly say where he'll play.

Andy says he knows he has flexibility at RT. Stacy has started at both tackle and guard and played "at a pro bowl level" at both spots.

Asked if he they thought he would be a stabilizing influence on Shawn, said that's not why they brought him here and that Shawn worked to get himself back before they brought Stacy here.

Stacy Andrews - Says he's exchanged a few texts with his brother, but hasn't had a chance to speak with him. Says he'll call him today. Very excited to play with this brother, this is something they've talked about since college.

Says he's comfortable playing either guard or tackle. No difference to him.

Says he had another team that was stepping up for him, but a big thing for him was playing with his brother and being on a family oriented team. He also said what his brother told him about the Eagles rehab staff and facility was a big factor.

Says he being on the team will be a boost to Shawn's spirit.

Last time he and Shawn played on a team together was AAU basketball.

Said McNabb is a great leader and he'll be the guy to protect him.

Very interesting note, the other Andrews brother Derrick is in the military. He just returned from Afghanistan and was shipped back out to Kuwait recently. So while two Andrews brothers protect Donovan McNabb, the other one protects the country. Pretty cool family.

After the jump are some scouting reports on Andrews from various local and national sources.

First, Ray Didinger listed him as one of his top 5 free agent targets.

•    Stacy Andrews, the 6-7, 342-pound brother of Eagles guard Shawn Andrews who played the last five seasons in Cincinnati. Massive lineman who, like Brown, offers flexibility. He has played both tackle and guard and played them well. I would have put him higher except he suffered a knee injury in December. However, his rehab is reportedly ahead of schedule and he should be ready for summer camp. The Eagles could pencil him in at right tackle playing alongside his brother.

This is the scouting report from ESPN

Andrews is a five-year player who started every game at RT. Last year he was given the franchise tag by the organization because he has shown steady improvement. He has excellent size and strength and he plays with good balance. Due to his overall height, he tends to play high, but is strong enough to create movement in the run game. He is inconsistent with his use of leverage, but is big enough to cover up smaller defenders and is hard to shed. He has good agility for a big man, but is more effective in a confined area than out in space. In passing situations, Andrews has adequate foot quickness. He can set and lock quickly with his long arms and strong hands. He has adequate ability to change direction, but he can have problems with quick players. He does a good job of attacking defenders and letting his size take over, rather than trying to mirror and slide. He has good anchor strength. He is alert for games and blitzes. He is not a finished product at this time and should only continue to improve with experience. The fact that Andrews can play guard or tackle only adds to his value.