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Report: Lito Sheppard traded to Jets

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From Rotoworld

The Jets and Eagles have agreed to a trade that will send a 2009 fifth-round pick and a 2010 conditional pick to the Eagles for CB Lito Sheppard.

The 2010 pick could be anywhere between a second and fourth-round pick, presumably depending on Sheppard's playing time. The price is too big for our tastes, but Sheppard would fill a big void opposite Darrelle Revis. We give the Eagles a lot of credit for holding on to Sheppard last year and getting this excellent value

Interesting trade. Obviously the Jets were concerned enough about Lito's injury history to make the terms of the deal contingent on how much Lito plays.

Now we root for Lito to stay healthy. A 2nd and 5th is more than I think we could have expected for Lito. At worst, it's a 5th and 4th...

thanks to eqels and 117thandshunk for tip