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Don't expect Houshmandzadeh in Philly

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Word from CSN's Derrick Gunn is that the Eagles discovered Houshmandzadeh's agent was trying to pull a fast one on them.

Sources have told Gunn that Houshmandzadeh's agent, Kennard McGuire, called the Eagles on Friday and claimed his client was willing to sacrifice salary in order to play in Philadelphia.

But after doing their due diligence, the Eagles discovered that McGuire was actually asking more from them than he was from other teams.

Go figure.

The Eagles, who had little interest in Houshmandzadeh to begin with, told McGuire they’re not interested in the 31-year-old, eight-year veteran.

Did Reid have his old pal Holmgren pull some strings with his old team to see what price Housh was asking from the Seahawks?

Sadly Gunn also reported that while Dawkins did not sign a contract with the Broncos today, he expects him to sign with them tommorrow.