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Eagles own free agents update

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At the stroke of midnight, several Eagles became unrestricted free agents. The Eagles had varying amounts of interest in bringing these guys back, but I figured it would be worth updating the news we've gotten about these guys so far.

Brian Dawkins - Dawkins is on his way to Denver right now to meet with the Broncos. Reportedly he has a one year deal on the table from the Eagles but Dawkins thinks he can get two years. The general feeling around the league is that Dawkins is trying to use Broncos as leverage to get an extra year out of the Eagles. That is the general impression our pals over at Mile High Report have as well. Let's hope...

Tra Thomas - The Eagles and Thomas had been in negotiations this past week in hopes of getting a deal done before free agency started. Thomas is looking for several years and the Eagles are likely unwilling to do that. So far, there's been no news about any interest in Thomas.

LJ Smith - Smith is reportedly heading to Atlanta to finalize a deal with the Falcons. Falcons fans are understandably underwhelmed.

Sean Considine - Considine is heading to Jacksonville for visit today. Jags fans seem to think he'd be there for depth only. Reports have speculated he'd have a chance to compete for a starting job.

Correll Buckhalter - Buck has reportedly agreed to terms with the Denver Broncos. News of his scheduled visit there broke very quickly after midnight.