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Rumor: Eagles targeting Ravens' G/C Jason Brown


Howard Eskin mentioned on his show that he thinks the Eagles will target Raven's free agent G/C Jason Brown when free agency opens on Friday. With the likelihood that Todd Herremans and/or Shawn Andrews will move out to offensive tackle this year, it makes some sense that the Eagles would go after a good young guard.

Brown played center for the Ravens last year, but started as a Guard and is reportedly looking to play(and get paid like a) guard for his next team.

"We believe Jason Brown is a great offensive lineman," said Harold Lewis, Brown's agent, who declined to talk specifically about the negotiations. "Whether he plays center for the Ravens or guard for another team in the NFL, he's an offensive lineman and he's going to be paid as an offensive lineman. I don't think he has to be categorized.

"When you have that versatility, you should get rewarded for it, and not which is the lower of the two."

Brown is reportedly the top free agent target of the Miami Dolphins, who would likely want him to pay center.

The sense I get is that Brown doesn't particularly care whether he pays center or guard. Guards get paid more... but if you paid him like a guard I have no doubt he'd be happy to play center.

Of course, if the Eagles are indeed interested in him maybe they'd like him to play center as well.

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