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Eagles Notes: Cap consultant, Rendell, and the return of TO?

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The Eagles have added a cap consultant to help manage the cap and work on contracts until after the draft.

The Eagles yesterday announced that Andrew Brandt, a former Green Bay Packers vice president, has been hired as a consultant in the areas of player contract negotiations and salary cap management.

Brandt now lives in Philadelphia and is teaching a sports law class at the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School of Business. He also founded the football Web site,

Brandt will assist team president Joe Banner in negotiations and salary-cap matters at least through August. He is replacing Howie Roseman, who is shifting to the personnel side of football operations.

The Philadelphia City Paper makes a case for... bringing back TO?

OK, you say, but the last time T.O. was here he destroyed the team. Maybe so, but that was last time. The team has proven it will ship him off if he misbehaves, and after he gets run out of Dallas, it will be easier for everyone not to take him seriously. Before, when T.O. questioned McNabb's leadership, the city wondered if he had a point. Now? The team, organization and fans would dismiss it as typical T.O. crap. McNabb would be secure in his position as the good guy.

Noted Eagles fan Ed Rendell was certainly laying it on thick in his praise for the Steelers lately...

"It was a fun contest. We got very few smart-aleck responses. And many of [the essays] were very poignant. One common theme of all of them ... was the love of the town for the Steelers and the fact that the Steelers, probably more than any other NFL franchise, embody the heart and soul of the town."