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The Linc 2.18.09 - Grand Theft Runyan

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A life size cardboard cut out of Jon Runyan has been stolen! (700 Level)31038_medium

This could be a busy offseason for the Eagles. They've got lots of cap room they must spend and "too many" draft picks. (Iggles Blog)

A look at free agent to be Joselio Hanson. Will he be an Eagle next year? (Sports on Broad)

A pretty in depth bio of Eagles owner Jeff Lurie. (Eagle Eye)

Here's a look at some possible options to fill the Eagles need for a blocking TE. (Don't Boo the Birds)

One blogger plays GM and gives his plan for the Eagles' offseason. (Inside the Iggles)

Nice list of the Top 5 Eagles games of 08/09. (Bounty Bowl)

A debate over whether AJ Feeley or Kevin Kolb should be the backup in 2009. Isn't that what training camp is for? (Bleed Eagles Green)

APS has released his newest set of Eagles wallpapers featuring Brian Dawkins, Desean Jackson, & Asante Samuel. (All Philadelphia Sports)

A message to anyone ready to get rid of Andy Reid. (View from the Bottom)

NFL prospects attending the upcoming combine get a pretty nice goodie bag. (With Leather)

What do supermodel Bar Rafaeli and World Series MVP Cole Hamels have in common? Both have their own SI cover! Of course I linked to hers. (WWTDD)

Ok here's his too.