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Heckert: We Already Got One (A WR)

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Tom Heckert sat down with Anthony Gargano of Fox 29 to discuss some of the upcoming free agent situations that will be present with the Eagles.  Some of the players discussed were Correll Buckhalter, Jon Runyan, Tra Thomas, and Brian Dawkins. Heckert_medium

It shouldn't come as too much of a shock to anyone that the front office doesn't believe that Buckhalter will return; as he has been vocal about finding more playing time.  Heckert also mentioned that they haven't begun negotiations with Brian Dawkins, but that they would "love to have him back."

The bigger news, given some recent rumors, is that the Eagles probably won't be looking to add a wide receiver.  In his view, they already have an extremely talented wide receiver in DeSean Jackson, and this position won't be an issue in the offseason. 

"It's an easy out for everyone to say we need a wide receiver but we did get one - DeSean Jackson," Heckert said. Jackson was a second-round pick last season.

The goals of the front office seem to be in the area of offensive line and running back (which we all assumed).

See the full interview here.