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John Clayton continues to fuel Boldin rumors


Earlier this week John Clayton said he thought Cardinals' WR Anquan Boldin would be traded and that the Eagles were the "favorite" to land him. Yesterday, in his weekly "mailbag" column he reiterated the idea in response to a question from a Giants fan.

The Giants are in a tough spot. If they release Burress, they probably won't be able to find a No. 1 receiver to replace him. They probably will have to outbid the Eagles to acquire Cardinals wide receiver Anquan Boldin. You saw what happened to the Giants down the stretch. Teams blitzed Eli Manning and there wasn't a go-to receiver he could count on. As much as it might pain the organization, it has to consider taking Burress back.

My issue with the rumor is that Clayton never implies that his thought is based on anything other than a hunch or a guess. He never implies that he has sources or inside info. It seems that he assumes since the Eagles have an extra first round pick and that since everyone always assumes they want a WR... then they must plan to go after Boldin.

It's fun to speculate, but I sure wish we were getting news with more substance than this. Although in the NFL offseason, news with substance is hard to come by.

Cardinal's blog Revenge of the Birds thinks Boldin will be given a new deal and stay in Arizona.

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