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Andy Reid signs contract extension til 2013

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Not exactly surprising news since we've heard rumors of this since the weekend, but today it was made official that Andy Reid will be coach and VP of Player Personnel with the Eagles until 2013. Reid is the Eagles all time franchise leader in wins, winning percentage, & playoff victories. Eagles owner Jeff Lurie was at the press conference.

"We're extremely pleased to announce a contract extension for Andy Reid," Lurie said. "The record really speaks for itself. A great leader, somebody that everybody in this building has tremendous respect for as a person to work with and as a person. (He is) in every way the epitome of what you're looking for, with a tremendous desire to have the next decade begin on an even better front because he's got the passion (and) all the qualities you look for in a leader. Today, I just couldn't be happier to announce this contract extension."

Andy Reid said that he's happy in Philadelphia

"I love Philadelphia. I mentioned before, I was on the other end of that when I was at Green Bay coming in as an opponent and I always said, 'Boy, you'd love to play for that crew right there.' And the fans have just been unbelievable. They're fair; if we stink they let us know we stink. If we're doing okay, they let us know we're doing okay. But they're always there. My hats off to them, that support is phenomenal, absolutely phenomenal."

Both men made it clear that there is one goal in mind.

"There's been so much accomplished over the last decade with multiple division titles and an incredibly unusually successful decade in every measure, the one remaining priority is to win a Super Bowl Championship and go from there," Lurie said. "That's what this organization is obsessed with.

"Are we done with business? No," said Reid, "We've got something else we need to get done. We're all pulling in that same direction and we're going to do that. I think this is just another statement by Jeffrey and Joe to say listen, we've got the top organization in the National Football League. We want to keep it together, and then we want to go get a championship."