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The Linc - Desean Jackson says he'll play this weekend

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Breaking Habits: Reid Changes His Ways
There is no suspense. It is a given that the Eagles will extend the contract of Andy Reid. Whether it is announced this week, next week or next month, it is going to happen.

Reid: Everybody plays! | Philadelphia Inquirer | 12/07/2009
Although it is sure to change throughout the week, Andy Reid did not rule out any of his active players for Sunday night's tilt at the Giants -- not even Kevin Curtis.

Philadelphia Eagles WR DeSean Jackson says he'll play vs. New York Giants - ESPN
Eagles receiver DeSean Jackson will play Sunday against the New York Giants despite suffering a concussion two weeks ago, he told ESPN 950 in Philadelphia on Monday.

Class of 2009 can be judged a success | Philadelphia Inquirer | 12/06/2009
You're supposed to wait at least three years before evaluating an NFL draft class. With the Eagles' Class of 2009, there's no reason to wait. Based on the top two picks alone, this class is going to be considered a success and possibly the best of coach Andy Reid's tenure.