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What they're saying - Eagles over Falcons

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Andy Reid on the reaction to Mike Vick

"I think everybody felt it. I think everybody rallied around Mike [Vick] and he was one of the captains. I know Arthur Blank welcomed him back. My hat is off to him for that. That's a tribute to him and his organization. Our fans were incredible. I can't believe they show up like they do and in the numbers that they do. The fans in general, calling Michael's name out, I give my hat off to them for giving him a second chance."

Sheldon Brown on his game sealing pick 6

I was in the right place at the right time. I read the coverage and the QB didn't see me. It changed the momentum. I was just happy to be in position to make the pick."

Donovan McNabb on three straight wins

Our confidence is at a level now where we are satisfied with how we are playing but we have to continue to improve each week. Offense, defense and special teams, we all came together this week. We will look at the film and make the changes we need to make for next week. There was a lot of positive things that occurred today."

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Michael Vick on his return

"It was great. It sent chills down my spine and it made me know that people here still appreciate what I have done and what I will be able to do moving forward. It was awesome though to be able to come out and make some plays and get into the flow of the football game."

"I will never forget this game. I will never forget coming back to the city of Atlanta. Arriving yesterday I will never forget seeing the landmarks of the city that I lived in for six years. I will never forget shedding a tear on the bus ride over here thinking about all my experiences here in the past. It was a different feel and situation and this time, I was the opposition."

Falcons QB Chris Redman sung a familiar tune

"They are known for their pressure," Redman said. "We knew it was going to happen. They brought some good pressure."

Falcons Owner Arthur Blank on the reception Vick received.

"I thought the reaction was mixed. A lot of people are happy to see him back in the NFL, and to see him have success … the reaction certainly was understandable."

Leonard Weaver talked about his big day

"Running the ball and catching the ball is something I've always been able to do throughout my career," said Weaver, who finished with exactly 100 yards from scrimmage. "I was fortunate coach called my number and I was able to get the job done."

"I went in and saw Andy a couple of weeks ago and I told him, 'I know West is out right now. Whatever you need me to do, I'll be there to do it. Just lean on me if you have to,'" Weaver said.