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Reactions to Atlanta's reaction to Michael Vick

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It was certainly fascinating to see the reception Michael Vick got in his return to Atlanta. I think the reaction to that reaction is perhaps even more interesting.

Atlanta Too Ga-Ga Over Vick -- NFL FanHouse
The Latter Day Church of Michael Vick was alive and well on Sunday. It was another reason why Atlanta is the worst sports town in America.

Post-Game Thread: Falcons Lose Miserable Game To Eagles, 34-7 - The Falcoholic
This game belongs in a class of its own. You simply don't see a team get drilled like that, injuries or no injuries, and come out feeling good about things. The Atlanta Falcons looked like a terrible football team for almost a full four quarters Sunday, and were backed up by their own fans cheering for Michael Vick and generally abandoning the Georgia Dome in droves. It makes me miserable just thinking about it.

The Falcons were Vick-timized, but mostly they're just vexed | Mark Bradley
"Disappointing and embarrassing," was how (Falcons Owner) Arthur Blank put it, and such was the overstuffed nature of the day a listener felt moved to ask: Which part? "The performance," Blank said.

For one day, Vick again belonged to Atlanta - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
Up and down the pregame tailgates was a sea of Vick jerseys. From the lots near the railroad to the parking garages on the side, fans were there to remind Michael Vick that they supported him. Some came just for this game. Others were long-time season-ticket holders.

Vick latest Ex-Falcon to make life miserable for franchise | Atlanta Falcons with D. Orlando Ledbetter
At least Vick didn’t do a Jeff George victory lap or proclaim "This is my House" like Deion Sanders did on their Reunion games with the Falcons.

Could this ever happen in Philly? Could a guy that left like he did ever be treated the way he was in his return? I remember the treatment Terrell Owens got in his return to Philly... it wasn't pretty.