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It was Michael Vick's day in Atlanta

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While I think the national media is overplaying Michael VIck's actual impact on yesterday's win, it is fair to say that he turned in his best performance as an Eagle by far. That said, it wasn't as if that was a high bar to reach...

Vick was 2-2 with 48 yards passing and a TD. He also ran for 17 yards on 4 carries for another TD. He gave some credit to the tremendous support shown to him by the home crowd.

"It was as loud as it gets in the Dome," said Vick, who teared up on the bus ride over to the stadium. "I heard the chants all through the stadium and it sent chills down my spine. They were just letting me know that people still appreciate what I’ve done."

Donovan McNabb seemed as happy as anyone when Vick threw his TD pass to Brent Celek. The two embraced on the sideline

"You were seeing a guy in his element," said McNabb "I think he was just relishing the moment."

So was this a "breakout" game for Michael Vick? Are we going to start seeing him in the end zone more often or can we expect the nominal contributions he's given up until yesterday? Share your thoughts in the comments.