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A familiar December feeling as Eagles share top spot in the NFC East

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As sure to happen as the changing of the calender itself... the inevitable December Cowboys swoon and Eagles surge seems to have begun. Dallas was beaten soundly on Sunday by the Giants 31-24, a final score that flatters the Cowboys.

The Eagles on the other hand won their 3rd straight, dominating an undermanned Falcon squad on the road in Atlanta. The win pulls the Eagles even with the Cowboys in the NFC East with an 8-4 record. Currently the Eagles have a better division and conference record, while the Cowboys hold a head to head tiebreaker(which isn't hugely relevant since the teams will play each other again.)

Just to illustrate how profound this December phenomenon has been... The Cowboys haven't had a winning record in the month this decade. The Eagles however, have the NFL's 3rd best winning percentage in December this decade. It'll be a tough road for Dallas this month as they try to shake off their stigma of a team that folds late in the season.Their schedule from here on out looks like this.

San Diego, @ New Orleans, @ Washington, Philadelphia.