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Eagles Bury Falcons 34-7

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In an amazing gameday performance, the Eagles brought their best to the field and buried the Atlanta Falcons 34-7. The Birds nearly pulled the shutout except for a last second touchdown by Roddy White, who caught a tipped Chris Redman pass as time expired. Micheal Vick's return to Atlanta was a stellar one as he ran five yards for one touchdown and passed five yards to Brent Celek for a second. Fullback Leonard Weaver had a Pro-Bowl caliber day with a combined 100 total yards rushing and receiving, including a 5-yard TD pass from McNabb.

The Philadelphia defense had their share of plays as well, with Sheldon Brown recording a pick-six off of a Redman pass and Asante Samuel delivering some punishing hits (wait, isn't that usually the other way?) Sean Jones also managed a pick and Darren Howard and Juqua Parker each recoded a sack.

This win propels the Eagles to 8-4, with a chance to claim the division lead as they prepare for next week's matchup against the New York Giants.