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The Linc - Eli Manning did something awesome

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Eli's 'signature' win has riled up Cowboys - NFC East Blog - ESPN
Earlier this afternoon, Giants quarterback Eli Manning confirmed that he indeed signed a wall in the visiting locker room at Cowboys Stadium following his team's 33-31 win in Week 2. Under his name, Manning, the last guy in the league I'd ever expect to do this, wrote the words, "First win in the New Stadium."

Eagles Notes: An ailing Jordan takes a step back | Philadelphia Inquirer | 12/04/2009
The Eagles linebacker was a limited participant, one day after he made a full return to practice after missing the last three weeks. "Full" was a relative term because Jordan did not practice with the first-team defense. He ran with the scout team and did so again yesterday.

Les Bowen: Eagles to attack Falcons' system first, then fill-ins | Philadelphia Daily News | 12/04/2009
HE EAGLES are playing a team whose quarterback and running back are the focal points of its offense. The quarterback, Penn Charter's Matt Ryan, definitely isn't playing, and the running back, Michael Turner, very well might not be out there either, when the opening kickoff arcs toward the synthetic sky of the Georgia Dome Sunday afternoon. In such circumstances, defensive preparation requires a little imagination. It isn't quite as simple as popping in the tapes of some recent games.

Rich Hofmann: As rookies go, Eagles' McCoy might make you forget Po James | Philadelphia Daily News | 12/04/2009
THE YEAR WAS 1972. The Eagles would finish the season 3-11-1. A rookie running back from Western Pennsylvania, by way of New Mexico State, carried the ball 182 times for that team. It was a franchise record for rookies that still stands. The back in question was named Ronald "Po" James.

NFL Institutes New Guidelines on Concussions
NFL teams now have new, stricter instructions for when players should be allowed to return to games or practices after head injuries, guidelines that go into effect this week.