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Jackson brushes off Jenkins trash talk

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Earlier in the week Cowboys second year corner Mike Jenkins felt the need to trash talk the Eagles pro bowl second year WR DeSean Jackson. If you need a refresher on what Jenkins said, check it out here(also the bonus 300+ comment discussion on how great Cowboys fans think he is!) Obviously, all the local reporters ran to Jackson with the quote.

"If that's how he's feeling than that's how he's feeling," Jackson said today. "I don't get caught up in things like that. I'm not going to entertain this. I got a job to go out there and make plays, which I'm going to do. I don't think nobody's going to stop me from doing that. I'm not going to make it a bigger deal than it already is. I have what I need inside of me to get me going for the game. That's all I care about. I don't feel I need to talk or relay messages through the media."

Video of the comments probably went something like this.