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The Linc - Kudos to Maggie Jean-Gilles

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Jenice Armstrong: Eagle wife helping the poor in Haiti | Philadelphia Daily News | 12/30/2009
Maggie Jean-Gilles, wife of Philadelphia Eagles defensive guard Max Jean-Gilles, has been trying to get anyone who will listen to understand the profound difference that $35 can mean for the life of a child in Haiti, where 80 percent of the population lives in dire poverty.

Blitzing is king in the modern NFL, and the Double A Gap - 12.28.09 - SI Vault
Blitzing is king in the modern NFL, and the Double A Gap Blitz, a legacy of late Eagles coordinator Jim Johnson, is one big game-changer. Here's how it works

Does Reid think T.O.'s absence helped Romo? - NFC East Blog - ESPN
"It's obvious he's a leader of the offense," said Reid. "Not that he wasn't before, but there were a couple of distractions there and he doesn't have any of that. He's playing great football." Hold it there one minute, Andy. What "distractions" would you be referring to? Could it be a certain wide receiver who spent some time on the Eagles' roster earlier this decade? "I think it was that hole in the dome," Reid deadpanned, referring to Texas Stadium. When a reporter alertly asked whether Donovan McNabb grew as a leader when certain "distractions" left town, Reid responded, "Well, we didn't have the hole in the dome."

NFC East Pro Bowl All-Snub team - NFC East Blog - ESPN
Sheldon Brown, Brent Celek, & Donovan McNabb make the list.

Van Heusen Fan's Choice- Home
Randall Cunningham is falling back in the hall of fame voting over on the official fan's choice site!

Big-game history favors McNabb | Philadelphia Inquirer | 12/31/2009
Wade Phillips laughed at the question. The Dallas Cowboys' coach has never won a playoff game, so it's only natural that in his eyes, Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb, winner of nine playoff contests, has already established his greatness.

Familiar Circumstances For Eagles-Cowboys Finale
It’s two different teams in a different venue and the winner takes home a much bigger prize. Yet, somehow, it all seems to be the same.

A Dallas Cowboys loss in the regular-season finale wouldn't be such a bad thing - ESPN Dallas
Obstructed View: A loss to Philly could benefit the Cowboys' postseason run.

Eagles Notes: Eagles, Cowboys closely matched | Philadelphia Inquirer | 12/30/2009
The Eagles are ranked third in points scored with 429; The Cowboys are third in points allowed with 250. The Eagles have outscored their opponents by 116 points. The Cowboys have outscored their opponents by 87. The Eagles are 4-3 against teams with winning records. The Cowboys are 3-5.

Macho fined $7,500 for block | Philadelphia Inquirer | 12/30/2009
Safety Macho Harris was fined $7,500 for the block he laid on Broncos tight end Tony Scheffler in the third quarter of Sunday's 30-27 win over Denver.

Man Up: Fokou, Jordan show improvement | Philly | 12/30/2009
Moise Fokou - I thought he turned in a very solid performance, getting the start once again over Chris Gocong, who did not see the field. There were at least four plays where Fokou was active getting to the ballcarrier: a Moreno run in the first, a Buckhalter run in the second, and two Moreno runs in the third. Fokou also was not fooled by play-action in the third, pressuring Orton on an intentional grounding play. He's a rookie and a seventh-round pick, so he could cost you at any point. But it's clear McDermott is willing to gamble on Fokou's upside down the stretch and in the postseason.

Paul Domowitch: Is Andy Reid coach of the year? | Philadelphia Daily News | 12/30/2009
THIS PROBABLY isn't going to go over too well with those of you out there still shoveling down Prilosec to quiet the acid reflux caused by the announcement of Andy Reid's contract extension a few weeks back. But a pretty good case can be made for "Big Red" to be the NFL's coach of the year.