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The Linc - How much Macho is too much Macho?

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Macho Harris: Victim or Vacuum? | Philly | 12/29/2009
The official might have over-reacted. It was borderline, and maybe Harris shouldn't have been flagged. But he was, and that means it was a dumb play. Because he didn't have to do that, to achieve the same strategic goal. It was unnecessary. And that's what the official called.

NFC East Pro Bowl analysis - NFC East Blog - ESPN
I'm glad that the voters rewarded DeSean Jackson for a huge season. He's the first player in Pro Bowl history to be elected as a kick returner and wide receiver in the same season. Pretty remarkable stuff.

Eagles Notes: Eagles could face Cowboys twice | Philadelphia Inquirer | 12/29/2009
The Eagles play the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday in a game that will decide the NFC East title. There's a decent chance the same two teams could play again the following week in a playoff game.

Six Eagles named to Pro Bowl; Brown not one of them | Philadelphia Inquirer | 12/29/2009

Six Eagles were named to the NFC Pro Bowl roster tonight, but cornerback Sheldon Brown was not one of them.

Eagles lose durable center, hope to adjust | Philadelphia Inquirer | 12/29/2009
Practice will be more vital than ever for the Eagles this week as they prepare for their showdown against the Dallas Cowboys with the NFC East title and a few other things on the line. That's because the man who had started every offensive play this season for the Eagles before Sunday is finished for the season.

2010 Mock Draft X (12/30) " Weller and Bryan’s Sports Blog
This is kind of ridiculous... but these guys have been doing mock drafts all year. We can never have enough mock drafts eh?!

Favre among 8 Vikings in Pro Bowl - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
Dallas and Philadelphia, which meet for the NFC East title on Sunday, had the next most players on the NFC roster with six each, followed by top-seeded New Orleans with five. There were 13 first-timers chosen in the NFC in voting by fans, coaches and players.