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Mike Jenkins begins the trash talk

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Cowboys' CB Mike Jenkins was asked covering pro bowler DeSean Jackson and stopping his big plays...

"We're just playing the deep balls," Jenkins told the Cowboys' Web site. "The main thing is they try to catch you off-guard. It's yet to happen to us, and we're not planning on it to happen. I guess he runs past a lot of guys, and it's not going to happen this week. It's not going to happen to us, period."

Tough talk from Mr. Jenkins. Interesting that the guy seems so defensive... My favorite part is when he says he "guesses" that Jackson runs past a lot of guys. Let's hope the Eagles players ignore this nonsense and treat the game with some class.

Oh and Mike Jenkins(#21) you are one of those guys he's "run past." It has happened to you. I'm sure you remember, it was a pretty funny moment after all... Vid is after the jump.  Never mind that part, Jenkins apparently just changed his number to 21 this year.

Jackson can break the all time NFL record for 50+ TDs in a year this weekend.