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The Linc - Allen Iverson and Michael Vick

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Eagles by the Numbers: Rushing Into History
Until the Bears game, the Eagles hadn’t won or tied a game on a fourth-quarter rushing touchdown in five years. Now they’ve done it twice in eight days. The Eagles have now won as many games on a fourth-quarter rushing touchdown in the last two weeks as they had in their previous 226 games dating back to late in the 1996 season.

Winston Justice: Risk of injury doesn't figure into a player's thinking | Philadelphia Daily News | 12/02/2009
"Personally, I am not even thinking about the risks of the game and any head injuries when I step on the field. Of course, there have been a few times I have been hit and could not recall the last play, but it all comes with the game of football."

Rich Hofmann: Iverson could join Newport News homey Vick here | Philadelphia Daily News | 12/02/2009
Michael Vick. Allen Iverson. In Philadelphia. I mean, really, what are the odds? They come from the same patch of ground in Virginia. Both were born to single, teenaged mothers. They went to rival high schools, 5 years apart, and both played the quarterback position in a dynamic, charismatic way. Then Iverson chose basketball and Vick chose football and the two of them each rode the rocket that is American athletic fame.

Jackson unlikely but Avant ready to go | Philadelphia Inquirer | 12/02/2009
With it highly unlikely that DeSean Jackson will play Sunday in Atlanta, the Eagles might have to ask for more from Jason Avant. They've already received quite a bit this season.

McNabb: Vick will get "standing ovation" | Philadelphia Inquirer | 12/02/2009
Michael Vick returns to Atlanta. Will the town burn? Donovan McNabb doesn't think so. "I believe he'll get a standing ovation," the Eagles quarterback said. Vick said that he thinks the reaction at the Georgia Dome, the stadium he once called home for seven seasons, will be split evenly, "50-50."