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Six Philadelphia Eagles selected to 2010 Pro Bowl

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Six Eagles have been selected as 2009 pro bowlers. Hopefully none actually play in the game since it's now the week before the super bowl, but it's definitely a great honor for the guys selected. All are absolutely deserving.

WR DeSean Jackson (First pro bowl)

FB Leonard Weaver (First pro bowl)

OT Jason Peters (Third pro bowl)

DE Trent Cole (Second pro bowl)

CB Asante Samuel (Third pro bowl)

K David Akers (Fourth pro bowl)

Also Desean Jackson was voted as the NFC's starting kick returner. He is the first player in NFL history to be voted as a starting position player and special teamer. The kid is no longer an "up and coming" superstar, he's arrived.

Desean Jackson, Leonard Weaver, Jason Peters, & Asante Samuel are all starters.