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The Linc - Andy trusts his D

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Phil Sheridan: With young blood, old Birds evolving into comeback kids | Philadelphia Inquirer | 12/28/2009
he makeover is happening right before our eyes. Yesterday, the Philadelphia Eagles found themselves in the kind of situation they've faced roughly 10,000 times during the Andy Reid/Donovan McNabb era. An easy win had become an uncomfortably close game, time was running low, and momentum had been seized by the oppone

Dawkins stops by Eagles' locker room - NFC East Blog - ESPN
Wearing a black fedora and white shoes, Broncos safety Brian Dawkins dropped by the Eagles' locker room after the game to visit with his former teammates. One by one, players walked over to hug one of the most beloved players in club history.

Reid's trust in his defense pays off big | Philadelphia Inquirer | 12/28/2009
At least for the rest of this season, every time a coach decides to either go for it on fourth down late in a close game or punt the ball and place the onus on his defense, there's going to be a comparison with Bill Belichick's infamous decision against the Colts last month. Andy Reid had a similar moment yesterday.

Tom Benson A Premature Ejoculator - SB Nation
Saints owner Tom Benson got a little head of himself.

Ashley Fox: Emotional day finally over for Dawkins, wife | Philadelphia Inquirer | 12/28/2009
Dawkins didn't set foot on the Lincoln Financial Field turf until exactly 4:03 p.m., when his name was called over the loudspeaker. He couldn't bring himself to come out for pregame warm-ups. It would've been too hard. He wouldn't have had a drop of energy left for his teammates.

Rookie mistakes mar Macho's day | Philadelphia Daily News | 12/28/2009
It was a Brian Dawkins type of hit, from the guy playing Dawkins' old spot in the Eagles' secondary.

Eagles Notebook: Eagles' Westbrook shakes some rust in return | Philadelphia Daily News | 12/28/2009
Brian Westbrook came back for this. To smell and hear and feel glorious danger. To play on a football field against a notorious headhunter who just happens to be his best friend in the game.

Eagles can't complain about officiating | Philadelphia Inquirer | 12/28/2009
The game opened with a play challenge that went against the Eagles and ended with one that went their way.