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What they're saying - Eagles win over Broncos

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Brian Dawkins talked about the moment where Sheldon Brown pointed at him after laying a major hit on a Broncos WR

"Sheldon is a brother of mine, and still a great friend of mine, and he was doing that as a respect thing. Those are the type of things that I expected from some of the guys over there. You know we went to battle; we went to war for many, many years. And we built something there. And it was just respect from Sheldon and some other guys as far as that is concerned."

Donovan McNabb on having to face Dawkins on the final drive

"That's something I'll tell my twins about and when his twins get older, I'll tell his twins about- that we beat your father in the game where we had to drive down and score. We were able to come out with points, which is kind of the big brother syndrome.  When you are playing your big brother, you want to do whatever it takes to win. Right now, I am 2-0 against Dawkins. I beat him in the Bowl game in our senior year and I got a chance to beat him again today."

Brian Westbrook on what it's like having the young weapons on offense

"In the past we've had years where it was almost just me and Donovan just doing our thing out there. This year we have so many weapons, (WR) DeSean (Jackson) leads a corps of wide receivers that have just done a great job. (TE) Brent (Celek) has done a great job. LeSean McCoy, Leonard Weaver has done a great job. Of course you have our general out there, Donovan. There are just so many things for us; it's hard for any defense to stop us if we're playing like we can. We made it tougher on ourselves than it needed to be today and we'll fix that, but for those other defenses it's going to be tough."

Sheldon Brown talked about playing Dawkins

"Some of the guys didn't play with Brian so they didn't understand the history behind the atmosphere. For the guys that played with him, we understood what it would mean emotionally. Our heart went out to him but it's still a football game."

Donovan McNabb on Jeremy Maclin's catch

"Once I saw it on the replay. It's really a blessing when these young guys continue to progress each week and we've continued to progress together. All of these guys had a great game and, in some part of the game, had a big play to really help us out. That's the way the season has been going."

Asante Samuel talked about the penalties after his pick

"I don't really know for sure. I just heard there were some bad calls. Macho [Harris] hit the guy after I intercepted the ball. I didn't really see it. I don't really know who or what the second penalty was for. I threw the ball up or something."

Macho Harris on his problems

"The kicker did a great job with the top spin and I felt like I was waiting back there for ten seconds. On the second return I should have put the ball in my left hand but I was going through traffic so I didn't want to make that move. But I learned now from it. I know what to do now if that happens."

Desean Jackson talked about facing Dawkins

"Yeah, the biggest thing with Dawk is that he is very passionate and if you aren't on his team during the game, he's not going to acknowledge you or talk to you. He nodded to me quickly on the field, but I don't really get into messing with him. I kept my head on a swivel. I am not going to say I was hiding from him, I just tried to stay away from him as much as possible because I know what type of player his is. He's very physical. He got me one time, but besides that, it was cool."

Jeremy Maclin on his big catch

"I had a go route and [WR] Jason [Avant] was coming on the corner, so the ball was in between. I saw the ball, stopped and did my best to stay in bounds and catch the ball. I was very confident. I immediately got up and told [head] Coach [Andy] Reid to challenge it, but I forgot it was under two minutes."

Broncos coach Josh McDaniels talked about the Eagles defense

"They did some different things, normally a pressure team, and they dropped eight sometimes on us and it was smart move on their part. We were trying to make sure that we could handle the pressure and the blitz. It ended up with the three man rush a few times and tried to drop a bunch of guys in coverage. We missed some opportunities down the field; one-on-one with [CB] Sheldon Brown and that was a close play. Then we had another one where [QB] Kyle [Orton] was scrambling there; both of them were big plays. Obviously we had a chance there. I think we were tied or down by three in either case. If we make those plays, obviously the game could go a different way. That's the difference. Sometimes you win the turnover margin like we've done the last couple weeks and lose the game because you don't make a critical situational play on third down conversion or whatever it may be. That's what happened."