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Gameday Lincs - Eagles host Broncos

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Didinger's Scouting Report: Eagles-Broncos
Sizing up Sunday’s game between the Eagles (10-4) and the Denver Broncos (8-6) at Lincoln Financial Field:

Predictions: Cowboys, Eagles keep rolling - NFC East Blog - ESPN
Eagles 28, Broncos 17. After an outpouring of emotion for former Eagles safety Brian Dawkins, Philly will go out and hang at least 300 yards passing on the Broncos. I think the return of Dawkins will actually serve to keep the Eagles from overlooking a fading Broncos team that is coming off a loss to the Raiders. This team's asking to be buried and I think the Eagles will accommodate the Broncos.

Who's picking the Eagles? | Philly | 12/27/2009
Here's a roundup of Eagles picks from across the Web.

Eagles-Broncos scouting report | Philadelphia Daily News | 12/24/2009
Recent history: The Eagles lost to the Broncos, 49-21 on Oct. 30, 2005. The Eagles lead the series, 6-4.

Eagles vs. Broncos: Key matchups | Philadelphia Daily News | 12/27/2009
It's another Game Day here at Eagletarian, so be sure to check with Eagletarian throughout the day as the Eagles play host to Brian Dawkins and the Denver Broncos.

MHR Christmas Edition Chalk Talk - Denver Broncos at Philidelphia Eagles - Mile High Report
MHR Christmas Edition Chalk Talk - Denver Broncos at Philidelphia Eagles

Preview: Denver Broncos at Philadelphia Eagles | Digital Sports Daily
"The Eagles are peaking at the right time," says NBC analyst Rodney Harrison. "No question, this is the best team in the NFC East."

NFL Game Center: Denver Broncos at Philadelphia Eagles - 2009 Week 16
Teams going in opposite directions meet in Philly

A Christmas Story--Beating the Philadelphia Eagles - Mile High Report
A Christmas Story--Beating the Philadelphia Eagles

The Associated Press: Reeling Broncos try to regroup against Eagles
Josh McDaniels rattled off a lengthy list of miscues and missteps that ended up derailing Denver in a last-minute loss to the Oakland Raiders. The bright spot, the Broncos coach quickly pointed out Monday, was that his team was "far from being dead" in the postseason picture.

Eagles treat every loose ball as a fumble | Philadelphia Inquirer | 12/27/2009
"We had a couple years in a row where our takeaways had been really down," said Sean McDermott, the secondary coach then and the defensive coordinator now. "We sat around the table one day, and Jim had kind of wanted to brainstorm, and I just said, 'Why don't we treat every loose ball like it's a fumble?' I don't know where I got the idea from."