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The Linc - Dawkins edition

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Lurie remains fond of Dawkins | Philadelphia Inquirer | 12/23/2009
Jeffrey Lurie is sincere when he talks about his admiration for Brian Dawkins. "I can't wait to induct him into the Eagles' honor roll," the team's owner said. "We'll officially do it when he's retired, but there is no more obvious person." After reissuing his training-camp declaration that no Eagles player would again wear Dawkins' No. 20 jersey as long as he was the owner, Lurie said he has also found himself rooting for the Denver Broncos this season. "I don't really root AFC that much, but my attitude is I want Brian to have success as he deserves," Lurie said.

Faith & fury: The contradictions of Brian Dawkins | Philadelphia Inquirer | 12/23/2009
Most of Brian Dawkins' Denver Broncos teammates encountered his corner locker before meeting him. What they saw there must have been confusing. A wooden cross, a Bible, several religious books, and an etched plaque proclaiming, "I Know He's Watching Over Me," shared space with miniatures of Wolverine, the fearsome comic-book superhero whose fingers are gleaming daggers and whose milieu is mayhem.

Broncos S Brian Dawkins trying to cast emotions aside as he makes his return to Philadelphia - Winnipeg Free Press
"They are die-hard for their team," Dawkins said Wednesday. "If you're on the opposing team, you are no longer on their team. I don't expect 100 per cent cheers out there."

Dawkins will bring intensity to Linc Sunday - The Delaware County Daily Times : Serving Delaware County, PA(
"It definitely will be emotional," veteran cornerback Sheldon Brown said of Dawkins’ pending return to Lincoln Financial Field Sunday as a member of the Denver Broncos. "I’m the sure the fans will welcome him in the right way. It will be one of those memories and moments and one of those games that you will remember. That’s what it’s about."

Hello, Again: Eagles Ready to Face Dawkins
Brian Dawkins’ homecoming game is one a great many Eagles have been looking forward to. One you circle on your calendar, as safety Quintin Mikell said.

Dawkins refuses to rehash Philly departure
"It was a very, very emotional thing, but I'm not going to hash this out, pick on scabs and all that stuff," said Dawkins, asked how long it took him to to get over leaving Philadelphia. "It took me a little bit. The Broncos have welcomed me here with open arms, and like I said earlier, I just remember all the good times in Philadelphia."

Potent Quotables - Dawkins Talks Philly Return - Mile High Report
"My favorite memory of them is just the party, the celebration we had after we beat Atlanta to go to the Super Bowl (in 2004) after failing so many times before. What that celebration was for the fans and for the coaches and to see the tears flowing in the stands with the fans-because we didn't win the Super Bowl but we had fallen short to get to that point so many times-that will be something that I'll always remember."