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The top 10 Philadelphia Eagles stories of 2009

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As the year draws to a close, everyone loves to trot our their lists. So I decided to figure out our top ten most commented stories of the year. I excluded all gamethreads(and the NFL draft liveblog), because those would easily dominate the top 10... This is list is only stories. I decided to post this today rather than next week because of who/what number one was...

1. San Francisco Chronicle reports Dawkins signs with Broncos

2. Eagles sign Michael Vick to two year deal

3. Eagles trade 28th overall pick for LT Jason Peters

4. Philadelphia Eagles 2009 cuts tracker - final roster

5. NFL official: Spot on McNabb sneak should have been moved

6. Cowboys' CB Mike Jenkins wants to get physical

7. Eagles trade up for Jeremy Maclin

8. Jim Johnson passes away at 68

9. Eagles trade for Rams LB Will Witherspoon

10. Juqua Parker arrested for possession