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Fanlaws of Brian Dawkins return

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It's going to be a fairly significant event this weekend when Philadelphia fans' most beloved player comes to town to play their most beloved football team. So I felt it was important to figure out what the ground rules are. How do we balance our appreciation for Brian Dawkins with our fandom of the Eagles?

What jerseys can you wear, is it right to cheer or boo, what if he makes a big play?

After the jump we'll have two categories, allowed and violations of the fanlaws. If you agree or disagree with any of the laws feel free to discuss. If you have any of your own, put them in the comments as well and I'll update the post.


Wearing your old #20 Eagles jersey. It's a fitting tribute to an Eagles great. In fact, I'd go so far as to say you should wear your green #20 if you've got one.

Giving him a big cheer when he's introduced. Usually, we like to yell "sucks" after each opposing player's name is announced. Not this time... The guy gave us 14 great years, he still loves us fans and we still love him. Let him know in the introductions.

Cheering his first tackle. I'm ok with fans giving the guy hand when he makes his first tackle. It's a show of appreciation, but not so far as to be rooting for the other team.


Wearing a Broncos #20 jersey. Sorry, but only Broncos fans wear Broncos jerseys. It would be an embarrassment for an Eagles fan to wear another team's colors. Plus, odds are you've got an Eagles Dawkins jersey. Wear that. If not, you probably better hope there's no snow left over...

Exceptions may be made for orange Clemson jerseys.

Cheering a big play. Sorry, you're an Eagles fan and this is a big game. If in fact Dawkins were to grab a pick or something, we don't cheer that. We're trying to win a division and get to a superbowl. Cheering any play that gets in the way of that is being a bad fan.


Surely the community has some more suggestions. So let me know!