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The Linc - Reno Mahe, Leonard Weaver, Donovan McNabb, & Brian Dawkins

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Philadelphia prepares to welcome back Dawkins | dawkins, englewood, philadelphia - Sports - Colorado Springs Gazette, CO
A Denver based writer interviewed myself and Enrico from the700level about the return of Dawkins.

The Seattle Times: Steve Kelley: No-name Weaver impresses Hawks
The first time Leonard Weaver touched the football in the first minicamp of his life, he made an impression.

McNabb knows the meaning of giving | Philadelphia Daily News | 12/23/2009
DONOVAN McNABB didn't have to do it. He didn't have to brave the double-digit-inch snowfall that blasted the Delaware Valley last Saturday to keep his word to attend an event featuring a Christmas shopping spree at a Target store for 130 children from a Mount Airy shelter.

Eagle Mountain reaches out to American Samoa - Salt Lake Tribune
Wondering what Reno Mahe is up to?

NFL draft: What were they thinking? | Philadelphia Daily News | 12/23/2009
Here is further proof that scouting isn't an exact science: DeSean Jackson was the seventh wide receiver taken in the 2008 draft. A look at Jackson's stats, compared with the six wideouts selected ahead of him:

BBC - Neil Reynolds's Blog: McNabb thrives despite tough Philadelphia love
A perspective on the Eagles and McNabb from across the pond. - Philly Sports & Minutiae: Santa's Revenge
This epic photo was taken on Sunday by reader Alex F. He writes: "At long last, Santa Claus finally gets his chance to throw snowballs back at Eagles fans. This guy was in the first row of the middle tier...