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Vernon Davis' play doesn't back up his talk

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This is just one of the fun football machismo stories...

Before Sunday's game, 49ers TE Vernon Davis decided to run into the Eagles huddle to talk trash and call out one specific Eagles rookie.

"He came in our huddle almost, in our little warm-up, calling me out," said rookie linebacker Moise Fokou.

"Vernon Davis kind of got under our skin before the game. We took that personally," linebacker Tracy White said. "He was calling out Fokou. He was like two feet away from our warm-up drill. We just got fired up off of that."

A classy, sportsman like move for sure, but to be fair Davis was probably just responding to Fokou's comments earlier in the week. The two were teammates at Maryland.

"I kind of know what he likes to do and what he doesn’t. I kind of know how he releases. For me, knowing him personally and also watching his career helps me in terms of film study," Fokou said. "I’m going to be out there talking trash. He’s going to talk trash whenever he gets our defense. We were talking trash over the summer when I worked out with him. He thinks he’s more athletic than most linebackers," Fokou said. "We’ll see on Sunday. Me vs. Davis."

The Eagles defense took offense to Davis' intrusion of their huddle and promptly shut him down. Davis manged just 3 catches on the day. Vernon Davis is a good player and he's having a great year, but if you're going to challenge a defense and get up in their face before a game, you've got to do better than three catches to back up that trash talk.

In the end though, all was cool.

"At the end of the game, we shook hands. We said good game and everything and let bygones be bygones."

Oh and Fokou rarely drew Davis in coverage, which is something I predicted to 49ers fans on Saturday (scroll down to the bottom).