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Eagles beat Giants in a shootout

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That has to be the game of the year from an Eagles perspective. It was everything a late season prime time NFC East showdown should have been. Lead changes, crazy bounces, controversy, big plays, some elements... truly epic. Not a great effort from the defense tonight, but these games happen every year where it seems both teams seem to stop playing D and the offenses just dominate.

Also, let me say it now... That eight minute, 91 yard TD drive in the fourth quarter has to be the drive of the year. The Eagles ran the ball down the Giants' throats and never even faced a 3rd down. The Giants would go on to score, but in reality that drive made a comeback very unlikely. They even capped the drive with an important two point conversion to really put it to bed. It's the kind of drive we've wanted to see from the Eagles for years. McNabb seems like he's on a mission to silence his critics and his performances late in games over the past month have been nothing short of spectacular.

And I think we can officially call Desean Jackson a "Giant Killer."

Tonight the Eagles and Giants combined for the most points ever in a game between the two and the Eagles became the winningest visiting team in Giants stadium history. They scored 85 points against the Giants this year, which is the most in the history of the series between the two teams.

At 9-4 the Eagles are now in sole possession of first place in the NFC East and and very close to clinching a playoff spot. They've swept the Giants and Redskins. They've a very strong conference record. It's time to get excited about this team folks. They're for real. I'm not saying they'll win it all just yet, but this is a good team and there's no doubt about that.

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Let's start with the bad

Before we start heaping tons of praise, we do have to acknowledge the flaws. The tackling tonight was absolutely atrocious. Almost every big Giants TD or gain was the result of just awful tackling particularly in the secondary. A big win papers over some of those cracks, but that's a serious problem that needs to be addressed.

And the Trent Cole penalty at the end of the game? What the hell was he thinking? The Giants are frustrated and acting like babies because they lost and there was no need to sink to their level. Point at the scoreboard and walk away. Instead Cole acted childish himself and hopefully only gets a fine and not a suspension. Absolutely unacceptable.

And now to the good.

Desean Jackson. He's good. His two big plays tonight tied him for the most 50+ yard TDs in NFL history. He's 3 games to break it, anyone think he won't? He had 6 catches for 178 yards and a TD plus a punt return for a TD tonight... We've got a #1 WR in town and we drafted him.

Big bounceback game from Brent Celek, 5 catches for 64 yards and a TD. Leonard Weaver played well again, Jason Avant didn't record a catch but had a great effort on the two point conversion, and finally... Mike Vick. I don't know if he's getting in better and better shape form playing more, or if Andy's plan to work him in is finally coming to fruition but all of a sudden Mike Vick is become an important contributor especially down in the red zone. He threw a 34 yard pass, picked up some first downs, and scored a rushing TD. Gotta give the guy credit.