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Watch live games on Sprint NFL Mobile Live

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Gamedays here on BGN are brought to you by Sprint and their NFL mobile live service.

You may have noticed that the NFL network is showing a live game every Thursday night. This past week we saw one of the bigger upsets of the year as the Browns beat the defending champion Steelers... and you could have seen it on your phone. Since you can stream NFL network live on the NFL Mobile Live app, you can actually watch the games broadcast on that network live on your phone. You'll even be able to watch the NFL draft live on your sprint phone.

It's crazy the kind of technology we have at our fingertips today. The future really is now.

Sprint is also giving 17 trips to this years superbowl. All you've got to do be registered is click here and vote each week on what you think was the "Can't Miss Play of the Week."  Every time you vote, you are entered for a chance to win one of those 17 Super Bowl trips.