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The Linc - Eagles and Cowboys and Giants... Oh my.

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FOOTBALL OUTSIDERS: Innovative Statistics, Intelligent Analysis | Walkthrough: December of Destiny
Last Monday at midnight, the odometer flipped. The warranty expired. Fairy Godmother hooked her wand to the charger and went to bed. It was December 1. It was time for the Cowboys to stink, and for the Eagles to surge.

Eagles' chance to 'put their mark' on division | Philadelphia Daily News | 12/10/2009
"Right now the Philadelphia Eagles are playing as well as anybody and they are going to have a chance to put their mark on this division," analyst Cris Collinsworth said. "Big game," added NBC's Tony Dungy. "The Giants got their running game going last week. Philly has got to get their running game going to keep that defensive line off Donovan McNabb."

Eagles Notes: Joselio Hanson overjoyed to be back | Philadelphia Inquirer | 12/10/2009
"I compare it to when I got released by the 49ers, and I was out for the whole year," the Eagles cornerback said yesterday before his first practice since returning from a four-game suspension. "It was even worse because it was something so innocent. It was tough."

Tom Coughlin congratulates Andy Reid | Philadelphia Daily News | 12/10/2009
Fired in Jacksonville, embattled in New York, Tom Coughlin knows how tenuous an NFL head-coaching job can be. He looks down the New Jersey Turnpike and sees Andy Reid, Eagles Coach for Life, and Coughlin admires. "Andy Reid is an excellent football coach who is very deserving," Coughlin said. "He obviously has the loyalty of his owner, and vice-versa. He's to be applauded for that. However you want to look at it, it's a tribute to his staff and the job that they've done and continue to do."

Romo takes over as holder - NFC East Blog - ESPN
Koy Demter he is not.