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Vote Randall Cunningham and Otho Davis into the Hall of Fame!

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It's time for the second round of voting over at This is the first time an official vote has been ou by the NFL to decide who fans think belong in the hall of fame. Earlier this year we lobbied for your votes for Randall Cunningham and it seems like you've delivered. Randall has made the top 25 and semifinals voting has begun.

The fan's choice class will be introduced on NFL network February 6th, right before the official inductees are revealed.

While you're casting your vote for Cunningham, be sure to give some help to former Eagles trainer Otho Davis. More on him and Randall's resume after the jump.

Otho Davis served as the Eagles trainer from 1973 until his retirement in 1995. He was named athletic trainer of the year 5 times and was inducted into the Eagles honor roll in 1999. John Madden even named Otho as his all time Madden team's head trainer.He may not have been a player, but these less heralded members of a franchise deserve their recognition as well.

Randall Cunningham is obviously a bit more well known that Otho Davis.... These stats are from a 2006 article on

.He holds the team record for the longest punt (91 yards vs. Giants, Dec. 3, 1989) and is third in rushing touchdowns (32), ahead of some great players including Ricky Watters and Timmy Brown. He has also holds the team record for most passes completed in a single game (34) and is second in career touchdown passes (150).

I believe McNabb has since surpassed him in career TDs.

Watch this video, then go vote for Randall.