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The Linc - Eagles racking up penalties at an alarming rate

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Power Rankings: Eagles' December push to playoffs begins - NFL - Football
It's December. That means it's time for the Philadelphia Eagles to make their usual late-season push. That's the Andy Reid-Donovan McNabb way.

Eagles with 2nd-most penalties in league | Philly | 12/09/2009
The Eagles have risen to a second-place tie with the Ravens for most penalties (90) in the NFL this season. The Packers are first with 98. In terms of penalty yards, the Eagles are third behind Green Bay and Baltimore.

Eagles defensive tackle Dixon succeeding beyond his wildest dreams | Philadelphia Daily News | 12/09/2009
Antonio Dixon has been in some strange places. An orphanage. Homeless shelters. Bunking with his big brother, Darrell. Dixon never thought he would be here, on the goal line, stringing out a Redskins running play, the first defensive tackle off the Eagles' bench as an overweight, undrafted rookie.

Package Deal: Will Reid and McNabb Stick Together?

"I would hope so," McNabb said, "because we have been linked together and the success that we’ve had here is obviously from both of us being here. Hopefully something will be able to be done [contract-wise], but at this particular point my main focus is on what we need to do this year."

Birds need touchdowns, not field goals | Philadelphia Inquirer | 12/09/2009
The subject was the Eagles' red-zone offense, and the answer offered by Andy Reid was about as candid as the coach ever gets. "It's a concern," Reid said Monday, a day after his team overcame some failed early trips inside the 20-yard line to register an easy 34-7 victory against the injury-ravaged Atlanta Falcons at the Georgia Dome. "That's something we address and continue to address until we get it right," he said.

Reid deserved the extension - NFC East Blog - ESPN
Reid has led the Eagles to five NFC title games and a Super Bowl appearance. The one enormous hole in his résumé is the lack of a Super Bowl win. But the fact that the Eagles have been one of the most successful and consistent organizations in the league overrides that factor when it comes to Reid's contract.