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Joselio Hanson rejoins Eagles

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A month ago Joselio Hanson was suspended for taking a banned over the counter diuretic.The four game suspension over and Hanson has rejoined the team and will be available this weekend against the Giants. Whether he'll play or not is still a question according to Reid.

"We haven't been able to do anything with him (for a month)," Eagles head coach Andy Reid said. "I just want to see where he's at. He's normally a hard worker, but he's been gone a month. I want to see what kind of shape he's in. I would hope that he'd be able to get back in there and go, but I'll have to see."

Assuming Hanson is in shape, his presence certainly won't hurt. Dimitri Patterson and Macho Harris didn't do a bad job in his absence, but another veteran back there is always helpful.

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