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The Linc - The soothsaying Eagles equipment manager

Celek Should Play vs. Falcons, Jackson a Maybe
The Eagles should have tight end Brent Celek next Sunday against Atlanta. Whether receiver DeSean Jackson or linebacker Akeem Jordan will be able to play is uncertain.

Eagles' Samuel knew he'd get two interceptions vs. Redskins | Philadelphia Daily News | 11/30/2009
Ed Miller told Asante Samuel that Samuel would have a big day against the Redskins. Two interceptions, Miller predicted. Miller is an equipment assistant for the Eagles. A slim fellow, quick to smile, he is unwavering in his support for the players. And uncanny in his prognostications, it seems.

Buckley's breakthrough comes when needed most | Philadelphia Inquirer | 11/30/2009
"It meant a lot," Buckley said. "If the coaches believe in you enough to keep you down in on the goal line . . . I had to look up and help them out and get it in there."

Eagles' stretch run is easier than Cowboys' - NFC East Blog - ESPN
The Cowboys (8-3) and Eagles (7-4) both have tough schedules the rest of the way, but it looks like Dallas' path is a little rockier. The Cowboys' final five opponents have a combined record of 34-20, while the Eagles' opponents are 32-23.

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Vick gives anti-dogfighting message at old school | Philly | 11/30/2009
Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick advised students at his old middle school Monday to avoid the kind of bad decisions that landed him in federal prison for dogfighting.

Jackson update; Westbrook to be re-checked | Philadelphia Daily News | 11/30/2009
"We’ll just see how he does over the next few days," Reid said, adding that the Eagles will do everything that the league wants them to do in terms of concussion treatment or diagnosis. "I know a lot is being said about concussions," Reid said. "We are as conscious as they come with concussions. We are going to do everything within our power to get [Jackson] the proper treatment and diagnosis. To compare to Brian’s, are we going to be more cautious? No. We’re always cautious. We’re going to do what we do." "That hit was more of the shoulder," Reid said. "It really wasn’t on the head."

Advanced NFL Stats: Andy Reid: Hero
Reid was my goat of the year for 2008 for the season's single worst 4th down decision, but today he's my hero of the day (or at least for the 1st quarter of the 1 pm games).

Breaking news: Eli has 'stress reaction' in foot - Big Blue View
Compensating for the plantar fasciitis he battled for much of this season, New York quarterback Eli Manning has developed a stress reaction in his right foot that could be even more problematic for the Giants, according to sources close to the situation.

D.C. Sports Bog - Marshall Faulk calls out Albert Haynesworth
"The thing is, any time that you're the Washington Redskins and you come in as a free agent, and guess what, you miss the Dallas game and now you're about to miss the Philadelphia Eagles game?" Faulk began. "You can't miss games in the NFC East when they pay you $100 million. You've got to tape it up. You've got to tape it up and go, my friend. You have to tape it up and go. These are the games that they signed you for, and it just surprises me that whatever the injury is, you have to at least try to go. Unless, like we said, it's a head injury, and we know it's not a head injury."

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