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What they're saying - Philadelphia Eagles vs Dallas Cowboys

Donovan McNabb was asked whether he thought he got the yardage needed on that 4th down QB sneak.

"I did. I felt like half of my body was past the marker which I've seen. I landed on top of one of our guys and just slid and kept on moving. When you, I guess the question, you probably replay it, I guess you may have felt that I did get it.  We thought we had the first down, but unfortunately I guess twice we didn't."

Were those type of calls frustrating?

"It's frustrating, it's frustrating you know, just different plays in the game that you could have made and then when it comes down to a call like that obviously it's tough for any team to bounce back but still we had another opportunity to get back down there, try to put points on the board. So I'm still not going to make any excuses. There were opportunities in that game that we could (have) really blew it out of the water, but we didn't and credit to them." 

Andy Reid was asked about those challenges but...

"I can't go into the challenges. I can't do that, unless you (the media) are willing to pay for it. They go the way they go."

Leonard Weaver talked about the teams' inability to convert short yardage.

"It's pretty tough. We always go out there as players and know we're going to play against everybody -- the refs, the other team. The bottom-line is we didn't convert when we needed to, as a team. That reflects when you can't get those things, and it makes it tough for our defense to have to come right back out after they shut them down."

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Cowboys coach Wade Phillips seemed to downplay his team's win a bit

"We are leading the division right now, but we're only one-and-one(in the division).  We have four more division games.  We have a tough road in the second half of the season, but after two-and-two you can't be more pleased than where we are right now.  It was an exciting win for us.  It was a hard-fought game, hard-hitting game.  I thought we were very physical as were they."

Jeremy Maclin talked about the two interceptions last night which were both on balls thrown his way.

"The first one was all my fault. I take full responsibility. The second one I was expecting a different throw. It is what it is. Those two plays were big, but we still had a chance to win the football game. There were a lot of mistakes."

Sheldon Brown talked about the big TD he gave up

"He ran a double move. I was in the coverage. [It was] 'Cover 1'. [QB] Tony [Romo] pumped, [Austin] ran a slant, I drove the slant, [and Austin] got open deep. Anytime you do that, if a guy catches the ball, you just expect to get him on the ground and line up to play another play."

And finally Sheldon was asked about all the penalties

"It wasn't just the penalties. We made a lot of mistakes throughout the course of the game. And then there were some plays in there where we didn't execute, and we were able to still win the play, but we didn't execute. Anytime you have those penalties, obviously it affects the game. I think the kick return was called back on a penalty, the interception return had a penalty that brought some yardage back, so it's tough. You can't win that way.""

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