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Roy Williams is mad at Philadelphia

Every day we seem to get more evidence that Roy Williams is falling apart as a player and a person. Earlier this week, he proclaimed himself the Cowboys "#1 WR" even though he's their fourth most productive. He blamed QB Tony Romo for not throwing the ball to him "correctly." After he got some bad press for that, he proclaimed that he was "no TO." He's not, at least TO was productive.

Now he's ranting about his dislike for the city of Philadelphia. Of course the biggest reason for his temper tantrum is the fact that in his two trips here his teams have been outscored 100-27. As a member of the Lions he lost 56-21 and as a Cowboy his team was blown out 44-6 last year. He also said that his family won't wear "Cowboys stuff" when they travel to Phily.

"My brother was trying to get a cab ride back to the hotel [from the stadium] and they got in the cab and the guy was like, 'E-L-G-S, Eagles! Eagles! Eagles!' " Williams said. "My brother said, 'First of all, learn how to spell.' But he wouldn't give my family a ride because they had Cowboys stuff on. So they learned not to wear Cowboys stuff when they go to Philly."

He even explained how he was rooting for the Yankees over the Phillies because of his obsessive dislike of the city.

Roy Williams is obviously a very frustrated and angry man, although probably not as frustrated as Jerry Jones who has received 33 catches and 3 TDs in two years in return for his $45 million 3 pick(1st, 3rd, & 6th) investment in Williams.

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